You are a verb.

I write, therefore I am

I know you may view yourself as a noun most of the time. I do. I am a man, a dad, a consultant, a physical therapist, an American, etc. But sometimes I need more than a noun—I need a kick in the pants, something that gets me moving.

I was listening to the replays from the NAMS 11 conference this morning, and Alex Mandossian was riffing on the idea that you are a verb. More specifically, he was encouraging people to pick one verb, and put it in the form, “I [verb], therefore I am.”

It’s not too scary, though, because you can change it. If you try one and you don’t like it or it doesn’t feel congruent, you can grow into it or pick a new one.

Today I write, therefore I am. I love writing. I love it mostly because I love thinking hard about things, and it’s rewarding to be able to think clearly enough to communicate them to others. And for me, writing has always been my favorite form of communication.

Which verb are you today? Pick one and try it on.


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