What Walt Disney World Does Wrong [and What You Can Learn from It]

If you want me to pay $10 for chicken nuggets, they had better be really tasty. And if you want me to pay $50 for dinner, it should be better than the food I can get for $15 at Texas Roadhouse. It’s not just about overcharging, it’s about diminishing my trust in you.

Yes, I will give you some leeway—you’re Disney. But if you take advantage of me by jacking up prices and then not providing excellence in food or service (ideally both but, like I said, I am giving you some leeway), it makes me think less of you. If you do that, too often, I won’t buy from you.

Here’s the lesson: if you are going to charge me more because I trust your brand, you’d better deliver. Otherwise, I will find a more trustworthy, less expensive alternative, and give them my money. And then I will tell my friends.

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