The Startup Owner’s Manual—Part 6—Assuming is the 1st Deadly Sin

According to Steve Blank and Bob Dorf’s The Startup Owner’s Manual, the first deadly sin of the new product introduction model is “Assuming ‘I Know What the Customer Wants.'”

Ford Edsel

Ford Edsel

It’s so easy to assume you know. Of course you know. You’re the expert. You wouldn’t be thinking about starting a business if you didn’t think you knew. And yet, what if you don’t? Or at least don’t know well enough?

The very insightful Danny Iny of Firepole Marketing confesses in his podcast about the fact that, early in the life of his company, he (and his business partner at that time) thought they knew what the customer wanted. They invested 2000 hours to build a marketing training system without establishing that the customer actually wanted it. This is not what he teaches people to do now, of course, and he encourages listeners to learn from his experience.

When I was an undergrad at The University of Texas at Austin, I took a marketing class from one of those superstar professors that came from corporate America. Our class mantra was “Find a Hole and Fill It!” We never asked if anyone wanted the hole filled, if they wanted us to fill the hole, or if they were willing to pay us to fill it.

So how can we know what the customer wants? We ask. But how do we ask?

We’ll talk about how to do that in a future post.

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