Dealing with Disaster [Or What Feels Like Disaster]


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This blog post might not have been. It seemed like it wasn’t going to happen. I was having a little crisis, a little disaster all my own this evening.

My computer has been freezing all night long.

All. Night. Long.

And frankly, I am not amused. My old PC used to freeze. I expected it. It was a PC. But my shiny Macbook Pro? This thing isn’t supposed to freeze. It never does.

Until it does.

And then what do I do? Do I remember my commitments and find a way? Or do I bail and blame technology?

Or what do you do when your biggest client, the one who never forgets to pay, forgets to pay?

What do you do when the webpage that never fails falls unexpectedly to oblivion (aka Google’s second page)?

There are times I just want to give up for the day. Or the night. Turn on Modern Family and pretend I have no problems. And sometimes I do. But more often?

More often I focus on the WHY—the big WHY that got me trying in the first place. And if I can remember the WHY, I can move forward. Find a new way to get my blog done. Find a new way to keep my cash flow steady. Find a new way to offer even more value from my web page so my web page crawls back onto Google’s front page.

It’s not easy. If it were easy, everyone would do it. But I’m not everyone, and you’re not everyone, either.

You’re an entrepreneur. You know your WHY. Remember, then face down that disaster.

And email me if you need to talk.

Struggling, Shame, and Starting Over

Business Struggles

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You know that great vision you had for how life was going to go last year? When the stars were aligned, and you were moving confidently in the direction of your dreams? Your new venture was a great adventure and everything was possible, right?

That was how I began last year, too. Before all the changes in my business, before the chaos wrought by ObamaCare, regulatory changes and changes in personnel that had me scrambling, exhausted, and afraid. Suddenly I wasn’t thinking about moving towards my dreams. I was mired in the reality of trying to keep what I had from imploding.

And, weirdly enough, I felt ashamed. Ashamed that what I had built and felt was solid turned out not to be so solid. Ashamed that I wasn’t able to keep everything afloat, that I had to make choices that let others down. Choices that let me down, too. I stopped answering phone calls, returning emails. I was really, really busy for months on end, but that wasn’t the only problem. I didn’t know how to tell people I really liked and respected that things were going terribly for me.

But here I am—still alive, still in business, and in some ways, I’m starting over. I’m struggling a little less now, and I’m a hell of a lot tougher than I was a year ago. I’ve learned some hard lessons, but I haven’t given up hope. My dreams to do better, to learn more, to help more people are still here, too. So that’s what I am committing to this year. Do better, learn more, help more people.

If you’re looking for someone who understands your struggle, it might just be me.

Please feel free to comment below or share if you’d like.