Our Worst Possible…


Seth Godin describes American Airlines as, “our worst possible domestic airline.”


I read that on Seth’s blog more than a week ago, and I can’t stop thinking about it. It resonates more than all of the merger hoopla, all of the rebranding, the pretty plan painting, everything. “The new American” has flooded our television networks, magazines, websites with all their newspeak. And still, they are “our worst possible domestic airline.”

This got me thinking about smaller companies, local startups and companies like mine. If we don’t deliver on our promises of quality, no amount of marketing-speak will change the minds of those we disappoint. We can’t fake it with people that know us, that have taken us up on our promises. So we’d better get it right with them.

If we do get it right, then we can spend our marketing dollars on hoopla to attract new customers. Our current customers will already know us and, if we do it right, maybe even love us. And if they love us, there’s a good chance they’ll talk about us.

Are you keeping your promises? Are you doing it in a remarkable way?

Exciting Things to Reveal (Everybody Wants to Know a Secret)

Exciting Things to Reveal


I love this sign. It’s not William Shakespeare or even Sigmund Freud, but the person that wrote it understands human nature. “Exciting things to reveal” indeed.

Here’s my question: How can you use this in your business? Will your customers show up to see what exciting things you have in store? Enquiring minds want to know.

I’ve already thought of a way I am going to take advantage of the innate curiosity we all have in my business. How? You’ll have to stay tuned for that.

Exciting things to reveal….