Scientific Advertising: Is There Such a Thing [and Can it Make Me Money]?

I’m reading Claude Hopkin’s Scientific Advertising and wondering why it took me so long to discover this marvelous little book. Having spent a small fortune in results-less advertising, I had sworn off most advertising as a money pit.

Maybe I was wrong. Maybe there is more to advertising than raising general awareness (or not), and maybe I should take another look at advertising.

Claude Hopkins states that advertising is “multiplied salesmanship” and argues that good advertising will do what a salesperson would would do if you could hire them to go meet with each of your prospects.

Would you want your salesman to YELL AT THE CUSTOMER to get his or her attention, or would you want them to make the case for your product or service? Would you want them to be CREATIVE ABOVE ALL ELSE, or would you want them to be reasonably convincing?

We’ll look at more soon. I’m on my way to Disneyworld.

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