It’s All about the Presell [Lessons from Disney]

One of the things that makes Disney World so magical is the presell for the events, rides, etc. A good rollercoaster (such as the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios) is made great by the presell.

When a rider approaches the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, they first walk into a “recording studio” where they see the members of Aerosmith putting the finishing touches on a new recording. The band has to leave for a show, but they convince their manager to call for a super stretch limo to bring their fans (the prospective rollercoaster riders) to the show. As riders walk through the doors, they are met with a rollercoaster that looks like a super stretch, and they are whisked off to “the show.”

What can we as business owners learn from this? I think if we remember that the sale is important to us, but the experience around the sale is what will build fiercely loyal fans among our buyers. Our buyers want to have a good experience, and if they have an exceptional one, they will talk about it.

How can you bring excellence to your presell? What could you do to give your customers the experience they crave? What would get them talking about you with their friends? Could you systematize the process and make it automatic?

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