Patience (Because the Good Stuff Takes Time)

I’m terrible about patience. I hate waiting.

Hate. Hate. Hate it.

  • I hate waiting for the new season of Hannibal.
  • I hate waiting for my vacation to start.
  • I even hate waiting for the microwave to cough up my popcorn. I count the seconds between pops, weighing the risk of unpopped kernels against the stench of burnt popcorn.

You know what I hate waiting for even more? Good stuff to happen in my business.

  • I hate waiting for my new salesperson to start.
  • I hate waiting for that category-smashing brochure to be printed.
  • I hate waiting for that new prospect to give us his first order.
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Waiting’s always with me, and I think I know why. Because I want the good stuff, and the good stuff takes time. If I settled for less, if I didn’t want the best, I could have what I want immediately, or at least a lot sooner. But my desires, my ambitions keep me waiting for better. So even though I hate waiting, we have made an uneasy alliance. When I am impatient for the next great thing to happen, I remember why I am waiting.

What are you waiting for? What should you be waiting for? Is there something specific you could do today to shorten the waiting until you get what you want?

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