Getting it Right (Startup Clarity is Hard)

ImprecisionI am developing a new startup. It’s fun to think about, fun to work on. I am excited about it and can’t wait to share it. But dammit, it is hard work.

I thought I knew what I wanted to do, what service I wanted to provide, what my “offer” was.

Then I tried to explain it to my friend Tony…


Don’t get me wrong—Tony is a smart guy. It’s not that he couldn’t understand what I was saying, it’s that I wasn’t being clear. He asked me some good questions, made some good suggestions.

So I worked on it, thought about it, worked on it some more. Finally, I thought I had it.

So I tried to explain it to my friend Tony…

It’s not there yet. It may be a better idea, maybe a little clearer, but not enough. Tony asked me more good questions.

I’m back to the drawing board, thinking harder about the startup, working on the concept, thinking about how to talk about it.

This is the most important work when starting a company: thinking precisely about what you are going to do and who you’re going to do it for, then figuring out how to explain it in a way that makes your friends, family and prospects go “WOW!”

Your business will grow and change from this initial iteration, but without doing the hard work up front, you won’t ever make it. You need a clearly defined starting place, a place from which to grow.

Send me an email and tell me who you are, what you are going to do for your customers, and who your customers are going to be. I won’t share your ideas or steal them, but I can help you think more clearly about them.

And if you aren’t sure, email me anyway. I can help with that, too.

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