Dear Apple: I Love You Less When Your Quality Sucks

520157-apple_logo_dec07I just ordered a new MagSafe plug for my MacBook Pro. Because I had $80 burning a hole in my pocket? Nope. Because the one I got with my laptop (you know, the laptop I bought less than a year ago for $2500+), is already frayed.

Already frayed. Seriously? Even now, I’m wondering if I am going to finish this blog post before my computer surrenders itself to sleep.

I know I am hard on things. I wear out the tires on my car. Eventually, I will wear out my car. But that’s not today, or even this year. That’s tens of thousands of miles from now for the tires, hundreds of thousands of miles for the car. Can you imagine if you bought a car and had to replace the entire fuel system within the first year, just because the manufacturer didn’t care enough about quality? That’s sorta what it feels like Apple is doing to me.

I wasn’t expecting to have to replace my MagSafe cord in less than a year. It’s disappointing. And frustrating. And makes me love Apple less because their MagSafe cord quality sucks. And, if Apple can’t figure out how to do better, then maybe they shouldn’t charge me for the replacement like it’s made out of gold. Maybe they should say, “We can’t make a high quality one, but we don’t want to punish you, our loyal consumer, for our crappy ineptitude. When you buy the inevitable replacement we won’t gouge you quite as much as we normally do.” That sort of honesty would make me love you lots, Tim Cook. In the meanwhile…

Dear Apple: I Love You Less When Your Quality Sucks. Maybe, someday, I will love you less enough to love somebody more.

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